• This game is in development for RPG Maker MV.

  • Welcome To All Who Visit Here

    Tryggr Casual Pose
    Tryggr Casual Pose

    Hello! My name is Tryggr. Welcome to my neck of the woods!

    I’m a Troll by the way (in case you didn’t know already), which shouldn’t scare you. I’m just an ordinary Troll that sees things differently than other Trolls.

    I’ve been lurking in the background for most of my life, but now I’m happy to announce that I’m officially going to have my own RPG Maker MV game!

    Most people think of Trolls as huge, lumbering, unintelligent beasts, but there’s much more to us than that.

    We have a language, social structure and family values; we have our own religions; we have a sense of morals and ethics (if you consider our bash-first-eat-later methodology as ethical); and we have our own forms of entertainment and games, including Toss the Goblin (that one’s quite popular) and Stretch the Human.

    Anyway, those aside, The Adventures of Tryggr; is (obviously!) about my adventures. Sounds pretty boring, huh? Well, trust me, it’s far from boring!

    I’ve had a lot of exciting adventures, travelling all over the world. I even met – and befriended – a nice human female named Meredith. She helped me write the story of my adventures, which I would now like to share with you.

    The other Trolls tolerate Meredith and she, in turn, seems to tolerate them. She seems to appreciate “troll wit” (as she calls it) and everyone is adapting quite well.

    I did what most Trolls wouldn’t dare to do: I went on Adventures.

    When you play the game, you’ll be able to see how I met Meredith. And how I started out as a milksop and became the Chieftain of my own tribe! You’ll have to play the game to find out though…

  • Adventures of Tryggr Novel

    Game Development

    While development on the Adventures of Tryggr game has been temporarily halted in favour of our other games, Otherworld and Gaia’s Dream, work on the novel hasn’t.

    In between work, blog updates, other projects and games, and writing, we’ve had to cease development on this game (at least it’s only temporary). Yet, we’ve still found the time to continue with the novel, chapter by chapter when we can, although we still have no set dates for publication. It’s nowhere near that point yet.

    The Novel

    The novel itself chronicles Tryggr’s adventures outside his tribe. He feels that the other trolls are bigoted and bullish to try anything new. They ballyrag him, treat him as an outsider, so he makes the conscious decision to leave it.

    His intention is to explore the world "outside" the secularism of his tribe, experience new things, and find a place where he feels he belongs.

    He’s gone for quite some years before the other trolls notice he’s missing, but they’re still afraid of searching for him. So life continues in the tribe.

    Along the way, Tryggr meets and befriends Meredith, a female human with similar experiences with his own. She’s an outcast, she’s bullied, abused and tormented by her peers, and she seeks a place to call her own.

    After more than a decade away from his tribe, Tryggr returns with Meredith in tow, to mixed reactions. Although he’s considered behind closed doors as some kind of prodigal hero, who achieved something that no other troll ever did, he remains restless.

    The novel itself is intended to be a cynical view of the world in general, with its perks and charms and its perils and ugliness. But from the perspective of a very unassuming, yet very noticeable, troll.

    The Comic Book

    The earliest concept for the Adventures of Tryggr was actually a series of comic strips. This started developing into a novella specifically for the game.

    When development on the game halted, we just couldn’t leave him all alone, so decided to pursue the idea of writing a full novel as an autobiography from Tryggr’s perspective.

    We haven’t abandoned the idea of comic strips either. In time, we’d like to publish and share a few of them. These could be excerpts from the novel or parts that didn’t make it into the novel, or something completely new.

    But, for now at least, this isn’t one of our priorities. It’s something we work on in between our other projects.

  • Posing for Loading… Screens

    I’ve travelled far and wide! This is something that most Trolls – actually, all Trolls (at least from my Tribe) – don’t do. I’ve seen some amazing places and met some awesome people, and of course some not so awesome people.

    For the past week or so, we’ve been on the road, travelling to some exotic locations. Some of them are truly breath-taking. Here are some of my favourites:

    Oh, and, uh, if you’re wondering why I’m holding things in my hands with “Loading…” on them, I was told that I needed to smile for the cam’rra. That’s fine and all, but Trolls don’t smile; they don’t know how to smile. So I just looked at Meredith waving a rock from behind the cam’rra and these pictures were the result. Instantly! No waiting weeks for the artist to finish scribbling on stones or cave walls! Quite remarkable!

    Perhaps a little background information might be in order here.

    The game developers suddenly got it into their heads that we’d go travelling. A part of me was excited, but a larger part of me just wanted to stay settled. When they told me it was a “working holiday”, I was keen to set off. And then Meredith explained to me what the working part of it meant when Lun-Dun was far behind us.

    When we arrived at a city called Airport, we had to visit somewhere called Immagrash’n. Now that was an experience I’ll never forget!

    One of the largest Humans I’d ever seen approached us. I honestly thought he was a fellow Troll and greeted him familiarly. Well, he was definitely an unfriendly sort and didn’t appreciate the traditional headbutting hello. He suddenly drew a weapon of some kind and pointed it at me, rather threateningly actually. And then other Humans surrounded us – the entire game development team! – with similar weapons in their hands. Some of them shouted “Terror isht!” (Whatever that meant.)

    The large Human told Companion Wulf, “No pets allowed onboard.” The cheek of that! ME? A pet? “Especially not one as…large. He’ll need to go into quarantine to make sure he doesn’t have rabies…” And he gave a list of words I can’t even pronounce, let alone understand.

    Thankfully, it was eventually all sorted out. Companion Wulf and Meredith – mostly Meredith – managed to convince Immagrash’n that I was an overly large Human with a rare genetic condition that caused abnormal growth and rockhard skin. And once we all showed them our pass-parts, we were allowed to travel.

    We boarded the air-plane…Actually, that’ll keep for another time. Let’s just say that very little frightens a Troll, but that experience was quite terrifying.

    All in all, it was a pleasant trip, but I was glad to be back home again, supping on Meredith’s famous “lava juice”, which, by the way, I’m rather partial to. She says I’m addicted! No, actually I’m not. I just can’t get enough of it!

  • Story Writing Has Begun

    We’ve started writing the story for The Adventures of Tryggr.

    Story Writing Think Tank
    Story Writing Think Tank

    We have a basic outline in mind, which we’re in the process of fleshing out and then we’ll translate it to game format later.

    Certain parts may need to be adapted, particularly in-game areas that are more puzzle-driven or where character and NPC interaction is required. These will probably be written in after the story is completed. I usually write this kind of thing in a movie script format, which is then adapted for the purposes of the game, including puzzles (and detailed solutions).

    Once we’ve written the story (or a large portion of it), we’ll be experimenting with different styles and perspectives to see which one would work best with the overall theme we’re going with. We may put this to a public vote and let players decide which one would be most interesting to them. Time will tell what happens here, though.

    The ideas we have for this are:

    • First Person: The first person perspective would be from Tryggr’s viewpoint, showing his naivetée of the world around him and how he reacts to these newly discovered things, as well as how others react to him, being a Troll and all. (This would be in both the past and present tense.)
    • Second Person: This perspective would be from an observer’s viewpoint, someone who stumbled upon Tryggr (and the rest of the Trolls) and started studying them in their "natural habitat", rather like a primatologist might study gorillas. (This would primarily be in the present tense.)
    • Third Person: From a third person perspective, this would be in proper story format telling the story of Tryggr’s adventures, and thus creating a visual, interactive novel. (This would be in the past tense.)

    We are very excited about this project, not only because it’s using RPG Maker MV, but because it opens the doors to other possibilities as well.

    It means we can write an expanded novel of the game (and then make it available for Kindle). We can produce sequels, but based on other main characters’ perspectives or Tryggr’s as he enters the "modern" world of technology.

    Ah, but, I’m jumping ahead of myself here. First thing’s first: Write the story!

  • Merging Plugins Into One


    Now that I’m starting to get used to RMMV, I’ve been writing some plugins (actually, small plugins I like to call “pluginlets”), most of which are specifically for The Adventures of Tryggr.

    I am familiar with Javascript, but not quite with the way RMMV’s JGSS is structured yet, so writing larger plugins isn’t at the top of the list right now.

    That said, I decided to merge the pluginlets I’ve written into larger JS plugin files to make them easier to edit and modify settings in the Plugin Manager itself. Since these are game-specific, this is more for my benefit to be able to tweak certain elements or toggle certain things on or off on the fly.

    For now, though, most of these pluginlets are going to be kept secret. After the game is complete, they may then be separated – and maybe expanded – and made publicly available depending on demand. To be honest, I don’t know what to do with them yet, except for use in The Adventures of Tryggr. That will no doubt change later in its development.

    Also, when I have more content I’ll be uploading a demo video to Tryggr’s own YouTube Playlist, which will showcase some of the plugins/pluginlets used, both by myself and others.

  • Game Dev Is To Humans What Clubs Are To Trolls

    Hello! It’s Tryggr here!

    I tried my hand at game development today. Y’know, to try and help out where I can. It was harder than I thought!

    My fingers are too big for one.

    My claws get in the way of typing (it’s taken me 2 Human hours to get just this far!).

    The chair feels too flimsy; I’m constantly worried it’ll break at any second.

    So I think I’ll leave the game development to the Humans. It seems they’re better equipped to deal with the finer points. Besides, I didn’t know what a compootr was until a week ago! I learned something new and, hey, at least I tried…

  • How Did The Adventures of Tryggr Start?

    The Adventures of Tryggr actually started out as an experiment in RPG Maker MV. I preordered it when it was first announced and, as chance would have it, had a few days off during its official release date. So, you can guess how I spent those days off!

    I had created a troll character awhile ago in Daz3D  just for fun (after buying the assets for it).

    Back then, he was nameless, but I used him for various purposes, including the RPG Maker Times blog and a few times on Twitter to add expression to posts there.

    I gave the troll a gun. He was a trigger-happy troll. The name Tryggr (Trigger) then stuck. And that’s what he’s been named ever since!

    So, with RMMV now officially in my Steam library, I set about creating a short test game for it, specifically to test it as a web game and an Android game to see how well it would all work with high-quality assets. Much to my surprise it actually worked quite well.

    I showed my other half the following video (since for some reason she couldn’t play the game on her computer):

    And she loved it!

    In fact, she loved it so much that she wanted to see more and was disappointed when it ended, and offered to help write the story! She writes such beautiful stories that I couldn’t refuse! We decided that, rather than being a “traditional” RPG, we should aim for an interactive-fiction, story-driven game and that’s precisely what we’re working on, officially as a husband-and-wife team.

    We’re very excited about this project and hope you are too and that you’ll follow its development until its completion and eventual release.