Update: Mature Content Plugin & Other Updates

Otherworld Main Site Background

Although work on Otherworld has been slow and inconsistent, work on the project is still ongoing, small things really.

Mature Content Plugin

For anyone not wanting blood and "life profanity", I added the Mature Content Option plugin. This gives players the choice to turn mature content (blood and gore, profanity, and sexual or other adult references) off in the Options menu.

Character Selection Plugin

The Character Selection plugin is complete, although an unforeseen and annoying bug surfaced during playtesting. I’ll squish this for the next update.

Characters Revision

I started revising the characters as well, as far as looks and profile graphics. They have problems walking; they walk with limps. I was never good at drawing walk motions in art class!

Since I’m using Daz 3D Studio for the most part, there’s a flaw in the program’s default walk animation. Therefore, finding the right leg and arm positions is a painstakingly slow process! It’s at times like these I wish I’d paid more attention in art at school.

Otherworld Engine

The next big thing on the agenda is writing the Otherworld Engine plugin so that the main settings can be consolidated and used across the add-on plugins for things like Title Screen, Status Menu and Status Screen. I already started working on this a while ago. However, I decided to completely rewrite it.

Project Updates

Because of my work schedule and other commissioned projects, sporadic updates will continue when I have the time.

The focus should be on fine-tuning the character graphics for now and perfecting them. I may even revamp the characters completely.

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