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Character Selection Plugin (History and Progress)

Otherworld Storyline

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned about a character selection screen that allows players to play as one of the three main characters: Anna, Jack or Swan. Each character has a unique storyline; all of them converge near

Character Selection: 3 Characters, 3 Storylines

Otherworld Storyline

Initially Otherworld‘s focus was just on Anna and her sojourn through the Otherworld (hence the game’s name). After she died, she had the chance to go back to change certain things in her life and determine her final destination: Heaven

Otherworld’s New Plot Direction

Otherworld Storyline

As mentioned previously, the plot for Otherworld has had to change to better fit into the game environment. It was originally intended as a direct transition from novella to game; however, for obvious reasons, that’s not as easy or as

Plot Rewrite and Dynamics Tweak

Otherworld Storyline

We’re rewriting the plot for Otherworld to fit better into the game environment. As it stands right now, the novella on which the game is based doesn’t quite work, so a few adaptations need to take place. This includes the

Otherworld In 2016


What’s Happening With Otherworld? Next year, Otherworld will be developed a lot more than it has been. It’s been on something of a hiatus because I’ve been playing around with RPG Maker MV. While RMMV is a very good and

Otherworld Novel/Script
Being Rewritten

Anna is rewriting her memoir, making sure that all the facts are written down before she leaves for the Otherworld. Actually, I’ve been rewriting the entire Otherworld story. With the advancement of the game plot, some things have been added

Get Ready to Meet Anna

It’s almost time to formally meet Anna (the main character in Otherworld). She’s been completely remodelled and re-rendered to make her closer to the way she looks in the novella. At the moment, I’m using "The Girl" from the Mythos

Otherworld Novella Notice And Excerpt

The Otherworld novella is being rewritten and expanded from its original short story. It will be an optional accompaniment to the game, available for purchase as an ebook when it’s complete. After playing the game, the novella will provide a