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Map/Compass HUD Plugin

Map/Compass HUD Plugin

The Map/Compass HUD plugin used in Otherworld has been implemented in the game (and is available for download and use in your own projects). It displays the location, compass direction and player XY coordinates on the map. This is relevant

Grand Plans, Big Updates!

Since I have some days off now, I figured I’d do some major updates to the project as well as the site. Well, those grand plans for yesterday fell flat. This bout of flu I recently caught has kicked my

Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15 Feedback

There was a lot of strong feedback from the Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo. Thanks to all the playtesters who gave their feedback and offered their suggestions. The general consensuses after playtesting are as follows: An interesting side-effect of copying

Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo Release

It’s Time! The Pre-Alpha v1.15 demo release is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Pre-approved playtesters will be able to showcase some of the main features, which are listed below. Otherworld Pre-Alpha v1.15 release on Monday.Feature showcase #BetaTesting for approved pre-testers. #RPGMaker

When Is A Demo Being Released?


I’ve been promoting Otherworld for some time (since its inception, in fact) and this has been a frequently asked question for a few weeks now. The truth is I don’t know at this point. I had every intention of releasing

Otherworld Development Resumed

Development on Otherworld has now resumed. I started yesterday with designing some graphics (charsets, facesets and chapter graphics). Since I’m NOT an adept in designing graphics, the positions of the sprites and faces aren’t quite aligned properly, so this results

Otherworld’s First Play Pre-Alpha Demo Playtest


First Play First Impressions The first play pre-alpha demo (FPPA) of Otherworld was released on Tuesday. It included the pre-title intro, introduction, prologue and first chapter. I selected three people to playtest it and to share their first impressions, including

Map/Compass HUD For Otherworld

I finished converting – rewriting might be more accurate – the Map/Compass HUD script for Otherworld, and it works swimmingly. The compass and direction, and the XY coordinates, change according to the player’s position on the map. If no map