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New Official Status Screen Layout

Otherworld Status Screen

I spent today – on and off, then on again – doing the new Status Screen layout. And finally finished the template and the base plugin! Graphics can be very time-consuming, especially if you hate creating them in the first

New Character: Jack Urban

Otherworld New Character

As part of Otherworld‘s new plot direction, a new character, Jack Urban, is being created for the game. Jack is a Paranormal Investigator – or "Paranormalorist" as he prefers to call himself – who is hired to investigate a string

Plot Rewrite and Dynamics Tweak

Otherworld Storyline

We’re rewriting the plot for Otherworld to fit better into the game environment. As it stands right now, the novella on which the game is based doesn’t quite work, so a few adaptations need to take place. This includes the

Rendering Anna


When I first started creating Anna’s character (primarily with Daz 3D), I wanted something high-definition and unique, and also something to match the quality of the Mythos Horror Resource Pack [Note: This pack is no longer used.] I’ve used throughout the

Development Resuming After Xmas

This is just a brief update. Work on Otherworld is continuing after Xmas. Anna is being reworked (again), along with her graphics and Karma profiles. This is to bring everything up-to-date and finally fix the recurring graphics/animation problems. She’s also

Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15 Feedback

There was a lot of strong feedback from the Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo. Thanks to all the playtesters who gave their feedback and offered their suggestions. The general consensuses after playtesting are as follows: An interesting side-effect of copying

Feedback So Far for Otherworld Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15

So far there has been a lot of strong feedback, notably about the Karma System, and it’s given me more food for thought. I’m going to wait until the end of the week before revealing the findings. This will give

Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo Release

It’s Time! The Pre-Alpha v1.15 demo release is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Pre-approved playtesters will be able to showcase some of the main features, which are listed below. Otherworld Pre-Alpha v1.15 release on Monday.Feature showcase #BetaTesting for approved pre-testers. #RPGMaker

Plot to Game Format


As regular followers should know by now, Otherworld is based on a short story I wrote a while ago. The question now is how to translate it to a game format that works. I wonder how to change Otherworld's plot

A Big Tidy-Up Is In Order

Otherworld has undergone a major well-overdue clean-up. It’s quite surprising how much clutter can build up during development. Sorting thru the the trash in Otherworld, tidying code, improving gfx. #RPGMaker #GameDev #IndieDev #bitstrips pic.twitter.com/xRO0pDbVzL — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) July