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Anna’s New Facesets


As a result of Anna’s makeover, her facesets have now been updated to match. Updates on other graphics are in the Otherworld Graphics section.

Faceset Expressions for Anna (Video Demo)


Here’s a video demo of some of the faceset expressions, along with some related emotive quotes that Anna might use. Anna's Faceset Expressions in Otherworld (for #RMVXA) video demo. #RPGMaker #GameDev #IndieDev #Graphics http://t.co/9fjGZq83HK — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) August

Facesets For Anna
Being Rendered


I’m in the process of re-rendering much higher quality facesets for Anna, which will continue over the next few days because they do take quite a long time to render individually. Otherworld: Rendering facesets. Updates soon. #RPGMaker #GameDev #IndieDev #RMVXA

Long Weekend Update

I have a long weekend coming up, which I’d like to spend on further development of Otherworld. Long weekend for more #GameDev. Gonna expand gameplay. And a movie demo. #RPGMaker #RMVXA #bitstrips pic.twitter.com/RDdWUMrbA9 — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) August 13,