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Character Selection Plugin (History and Progress)

Otherworld Storyline

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned about a character selection screen that allows players to play as one of the three main characters: Anna, Jack or Swan. Each character has a unique storyline; all of them converge near

Character Selection: 3 Characters, 3 Storylines

Otherworld Storyline

Initially Otherworld‘s focus was just on Anna and her sojourn through the Otherworld (hence the game’s name). After she died, she had the chance to go back to change certain things in her life and determine her final destination: Heaven

New Official Status Screen Layout

Otherworld Status Screen

I spent today – on and off, then on again – doing the new Status Screen layout. And finally finished the template and the base plugin! Graphics can be very time-consuming, especially if you hate creating them in the first

New Status Screen Layout (Template)

Otherworld Status Screen

This is the new Status Screen layout template for Otherworld. It still needs a bit of work, including section boxes and better profile info. I’d also like to add a more graphical equipment model, depending on gender, that shows equipment

Grand Plans, Big Updates!

Since I have some days off now, I figured I’d do some major updates to the project as well as the site. Well, those grand plans for yesterday fell flat. This bout of flu I recently caught has kicked my

New Character: Swan

Otherworld New Character

Swan is a new character I introduced to Otherworld who wasn’t present in the previous storylines of the Paranormality series and the Otherworld novella. She’s a mysterious woman simply known as "Swan". Very little is known about her and her

Missing In Action But Not Idle


As many of you know if you’ve been following Otherworld on Twitter, there have been a lot of updates to this project. Sadly, I’ve not had the time to update the blog. Now that I have a week’s holiday, I’ll

New Character: Jack Urban

Otherworld New Character

As part of Otherworld‘s new plot direction, a new character, Jack Urban, is being created for the game. Jack is a Paranormal Investigator – or "Paranormalorist" as he prefers to call himself – who is hired to investigate a string

Anna’s New Facesets


As a result of Anna’s makeover, her facesets have now been updated to match. Updates on other graphics are in the Otherworld Graphics section.

Inspiration Behind Anna


I’ve been asked frequently about the inspiration behind Anna. Is she based on one person or on several people? Or is she merely a conjuration of the imagination? The short answer is a little bit of both, of course! All