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Official Otherworld Main Theme

It has been decided that Otherworld‘s "official" main theme will be my own song, Regrets. I had originally thought it would be more suitable for the end credits, but decided to put it to a vote, so several songs for

Otherworld’s First Screenshots

Here are some in-game screenshots for you to peruse. More will be added over time and eventually they’ll make their way onto the Gallery (especially as more are created). The first two are from the intro cutscene: Graveyard Scene #1

Music for Otherworld

I recently acquired a keyboard (temporarily only) and decided to try to create some music for Otherworld. ATTEMPTING to create music for Otherworld. So out of practice!! #GameDev #RPGMaker #RMVXA #bitstrips pic.twitter.com/NdsKdpdzqN — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) June 21, 2015

Regrets – New Song for Otherworld

Regrets is a song I created on Music Shake specifically for Otherworld. It will be used somewhere in the game (for now a secret), but I thought I’d share it. This song is now the official Otherworld main theme!