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Missing In Action But Not Idle


As many of you know if you’ve been following Otherworld on Twitter, there have been a lot of updates to this project. Sadly, I’ve not had the time to update the blog. Now that I have a week’s holiday, I’ll

Anna’s New Facesets


As a result of Anna’s makeover, her facesets have now been updated to match. Updates on other graphics are in the Otherworld Graphics section.

Otherworld’s New Plot Direction

Otherworld Storyline

As mentioned previously, the plot for Otherworld has had to change to better fit into the game environment. It was originally intended as a direct transition from novella to game; however, for obvious reasons, that’s not as easy or as

Inspiration Behind Anna


I’ve been asked frequently about the inspiration behind Anna. Is she based on one person or on several people? Or is she merely a conjuration of the imagination? The short answer is a little bit of both, of course! All

Graphics Updates In Progress

As many of you know, especially if you’re following my Twitter feed, Anna’s graphics in particular are having a major overhaul. I’m trying to get them JUST RIGHT. Everything from character sprites to expressions to profile graphics are being re-rendered.

Happy Christmas 2015

Happy Christmas 2015 from Otherworld and RPG Maker Times (however you celebrate it) and a happier game-dev New Year!