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Title Screen Menu Complete

Otherworld Animated Title

The menu for the Title Screen is now complete (but it’s not yet completed). Perfect Font Choosing fonts can be nightmarishly time-consuming! A while ago, back when I was a desktop publisher, someone told me something I’ve never forgotten: "There’s

New Animated Title Screen (Partial)

Otherworld Animated Title

The animation for Otherworld‘s Title Screen has been revamped, vastly different from its original RMVXA port-over version. This doesn’t include the new menu, as that’s still being developed. The background animation is care of Iavra’s excellent Video Title Plugin, which

Grand Plans, Big Updates!

Since I have some days off now, I figured I’d do some major updates to the project as well as the site. Well, those grand plans for yesterday fell flat. This bout of flu I recently caught has kicked my

Feedback So Far for Otherworld Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15

So far there has been a lot of strong feedback, notably about the Karma System, and it’s given me more food for thought. I’m going to wait until the end of the week before revealing the findings. This will give

Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo Release

It’s Time! The Pre-Alpha v1.15 demo release is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Pre-approved playtesters will be able to showcase some of the main features, which are listed below. Otherworld Pre-Alpha v1.15 release on Monday.Feature showcase #BetaTesting for approved pre-testers. #RPGMaker

Otherworld Title Screen Mod

Otherworld Animated Title

Otherworld‘s title screen now has randomized figures each time you play. There are six so far, but I’m thinking of increasing that amount to between six and ten; six might be more than enough though! Otherworld title screen (includes 6

Title Screen Gremlins

Otherworld Animated Title

The new title screen, along with its main theme have been officialised. Gremlin’d Code However, something very strange – and so far unexplained – happened during testing. Basically, it worked then it didn’t! An error message popped up stating that

New Official Title Screen for Otherworld

Otherworld Animated Title

As you can see, Otherworld has a new official title screen. Otherworld's official new animated title screen. #RPGMaker #RMVXA #GameDev #IndieDev #GameScreen pic.twitter.com/JVaDxSTpad — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) October 1, 2015 Something was missing from it and I couldn’t figure

Official Otherworld Main Theme

It has been decided that Otherworld‘s "official" main theme will be my own song, Regrets. I had originally thought it would be more suitable for the end credits, but decided to put it to a vote, so several songs for

Monster Updates Have Begun!

Work on Otherworld has recommenced. Thanks must go to my beautiful wife, Tina, for her unending support and encouragement with this endeavour, and for setting me straight when I go on several tangents. Work on Otherworld underway. Thanks to my