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Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15 Feedback

There was a lot of strong feedback from the Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo. Thanks to all the playtesters who gave their feedback and offered their suggestions. The general consensuses after playtesting are as follows: An interesting side-effect of copying

Feedback So Far for Otherworld Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15

So far there has been a lot of strong feedback, notably about the Karma System, and it’s given me more food for thought. I’m going to wait until the end of the week before revealing the findings. This will give

Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo Release

It’s Time! The Pre-Alpha v1.15 demo release is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Pre-approved playtesters will be able to showcase some of the main features, which are listed below. Otherworld Pre-Alpha v1.15 release on Monday.Feature showcase #BetaTesting for approved pre-testers. #RPGMaker

Starting The Monster Updates

One of the assistant managers messed up on my hours, so I had to dash in last minute on Sunday. This means that I now have Wednesday through Saturday off and I will be focusing on game development again. And

Otherworld Title Animation Voting

I’ve been experimenting with animated title screens for RMVXA, using the Otherworld title graphics as a template. Just something in between the blogsite and domestic chores. New Otherworld title animation. Shall I put several animations to the vote? #GameDev #RPGMaker

Monster Updates To Otherworld In July

In July, there will be a monster update to Otherworld. Monster update to Otherworld planned for July. #RPGMaker #GameDev #IndieDev #bitstrips pic.twitter.com/RYDRG2xeKM — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) June 5, 2015 Prologue The prologue has been completed. This was playable in

Otherworld Development Resuming Soon

After a brief hiatus, development on Otherworld will resume on 11 May, 2015. This will include addressing some of the issues found in the First Play Pre-Alpha Demo Playtest (FPPA). A second pre-alpha demo release is planned for April (exact

Otherworld’s First Play Pre-Alpha Demo Playtest


First Play First Impressions The first play pre-alpha demo (FPPA) of Otherworld was released on Tuesday. It included the pre-title intro, introduction, prologue and first chapter. I selected three people to playtest it and to share their first impressions, including