Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil

Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil Title

Next month brings the official announcement of a new project for Smile Game Builder I’m creating, entitled Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil.

What Is "Through the Veil"?

Through the Veil is a short first-person supernatural thriller, set in the same world as the other Otherworld projects.

However, unlike the other titles in the series under development, Through the Veil has no foundation on short stories or novellas I wrote. Instead, it’s a completely new storyline, with plenty twists and turns.

Moreover, it contains many of the methods I used in my tutorials. Many use enhanced versions, fully utilizing SGB’s advanced variables and techniques.


This project is something I wanted to work on for awhile now.

I finally started development on it, but its announcement next month marks its official development and, ultimately, its eventual release.

The game uses customized, tailor-made graphics, notably for images, icons and battle backgrounds, as well as terrain.

Another feature is unique character stats (such as Perception and Fear), a system still under development, which also depends on SGB’s near-future updates.

More news about Through the Veil will follow with its official announcement, along with regular updates on its progress.

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