Otherworld SGB: Through The Veil Update

Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil Title

As many of you know, I’ve been beta-testing the Smile Game Builder. This has taken up a lot of my time. Hence the lack of updates or progress on the game, although I started development on Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil.

Otherworld SGB

Otherworld SGB is a 3D first-person thriller. It’s essentially a "dungeon romp", where the player must navigate the mazes of the Underworld. The goal is to find the portal to the Otherworld and, ultimately, freedom. Along the way, the player meets all manner of people and creatures. Some will hinder the player, some will help them.

It’s an indirect tie-in with Otherworld. It references many events occurring in Otherworld: Origins, as well as ideologies that won’t make it into the game.

That’s the basic concept for the early beta/sample game.

Otherworld SGB Sample/Test Game

My aim was to create a simple version of the officially released full game. And then, after beta-testing, continue working on the game, replete with customized graphics and its own projects subdomain.

Here’s a video of the introduction:

However, while I spent a lot more time on Smile Game Builder than RPG Maker, I was unable to finish the sample/test game. Because I work two jobs now, time has become an anathema to me.

Since SGB is new, I conducted some thorough tests, with all aspects of the software tested. And this included customizing the graphics. While I had some measured success (eventually) with map tiles and other graphics, there were problems with the 3D graphics. Because I use Daz 3D Studio for many of my graphics, creating 3D (FBX) models require additional, expensive licenses.

I started using Blender. Admittedly, I’m a complete noob when it comes to the software. Thus, it’ll take some time to learn how to use it properly with the intentions of creating 3D models.

Future of Otherworld SGB

Work will certainly continue on Otherworld SGB, but it may not be actively – and even proactively – as I’d like.

I plan on releasing a sample game later and then the complete game commercially some time in the future.

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