Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil Is Now In Development

Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil Title

In a previous post, I announced the development of Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil for Smile Game Builder. Development on the project has now officially begun!

I’ll continue working on it on my days off. It might take awhile, but I’ll post regular updates here, as well as on the RPG Maker Times Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Updates include graphics and video showcases.

Basic Plot

It’s a short supernatural thriller, set in the same world as the other Otherworld games (planned for the future).



However, it has no foundation on the short stories or novellas, or game plots, I wrote. Instead, it’s a completely new storyline, with plenty twists and turns.

Waking up in a strange place, with no memory of how she arrived there, Hecate looks around at her surroundings.

Confused and acclimatizing to her new surroundings, she quickly realizes that she must find out about this strange world and the reason she’s there in the first place.

She must find out the answers!

She must overcome challenges in order to journey through the maze of strange places and, ultimately, find her way out. She’ll need to keep her wits about her and rely on her strength, becoming one with the surroundings, and working through each challenge, in order to journey through the maze without so much confusion.

But what she discovers will change her perspective and her life forever…


This project is something I wanted to work on for awhile now, ever since I started beta-testing SGB in fact.

The game uses customized, tailor-made graphics, notably for images, icons and battle backgrounds, as well as terrain.

More news about Through the Veil will follow with this official announcement, along with regular updates on its progress.

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