Known Bugs

Notice: This post is now out of date. Otherworld is being developed for RPG Maker MV and no longer for XP or VX Ace. This section applies to the RMVXA version, so is out-of-date. It will be reviewed and rewritten later.

These are some of the known bugs, issues and anomalies in Otherworld that need attention. They will be fixed some time before the first official public Alpha release of the game.

  • Fixed: 24 January, 2016

    Anna’s Sprite – Anna’s walk animation is still slightly off; she walks with a gimpy leg. Additionally, her current colours are weak and faded; the quality of the sprites is poor.

  • Fixed: 29 August, 2015

    Facesets – The facesets aren’t aligned properly, so this makes them overlap when Anna’s facial expressions are shown; also with some NPCs. The facesets are also limited to two sheets, which don’t properly reflect Anna’s expressions, so I’ll aim to improve these and add to them.

  • Title Options – Certain options in the Title Screen menu don’t save so they have to be reset in the game. This is particularly true of the Mature Content toggle. This will likely be omitted from the Title screen altogether.
  • Mature Content – The toggle for the Mature Content option isn’t working properly. It’s currently set to use $game_switch (via Vlu’s Basic Options Script); this, however, doesn’t work well. I’m looking either into an alternative or another options script, or may add an option to toggle mature content on or off at the beginning using event switches.
  • Fixed: 15 August, 2015

    Introduction Cutscene – There are a few areas in the intro I’m still not satisfied with, more specifically the lightning graphic.

  • Screen Resize/Resolution – Because of the way movies work in RMVXA, there have been consistent problems with cutscenes, particularly in full screen, so this will most likely be omitted. Instead, there will be two resolutions only: default and full screen views.

Most of the current issues are to do with the graphics. This is only because I’ve not mastered the finer points of animations and lighting in Daz 3D Studio. The quality of the graphics (specifically with the colouration) is because I’ve been using a low-spec computer, which will be rectified now since I recently bought a new much higher-spec computer.

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