Karma System

What Is Karma In Otherworld?

The Karma (Good vs Evil) plugin is exclusive to Otherworld and won’t be released. This page is out-of-date and will be updated soon.
Karma is a measure of Anna’s actions during the game. What comes around goes around, so everything you do in the game directly influences your karma, either positively or negatively. Good deeds are rewarded and immoral actions are punishable. It basically dictates whether Anna will become "good" or "evil".

Everything you say and do in the game is monitored; every decision you make, every action and reaction, every interaction, and every statement affects your karma. It also influences how people and other beings react to Anna, depending on their own alignments in relation to Anna’s.

How Karma Rank Is Calculated

Karma Rank is the scoring system used to calculate the overall and final karma scores. Generally, kind, compassionate and caring actions increase the score; nasty, uncaring and murderous actions decrease it.

Neutral - Karma Rank (Otherworld)


Neutral – Your starting Karma is 0 (representing complete neutrality). Karma can be positive or negative, so whatever course you take from the point of starting off will affect the score one way or the other.



Divine – This rank indicates chastity, pure-heartedness and next-to-godliness. You’re a true moral champion! It’s attained when the Karma score reaches +500 (actually quite difficult).



Good – This rank is achieved by those who generally have good moral standards and don’t indulge in anything too risky, achieved when the Karma score is between 1 and 499. (Most people when first playing the game, I think, will reach this rank.)

Evil - Karma Rank (Otherworld)


Evil – This rank is for when too many actions considered as immoral have taken place, such as stealing or treating people badly. This rank will be received when the Karma score is between -1 and -499.

Demonic - Karma Rank (Otherworld)


Demonic – If you receive this rank, then you are truly immoral and corrupt and may need some serious moral counselling. If the Karma score is -500 you’ll receive this rank.

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Alternate Endings

Have you ever wondered how, if you could have done things differently, your life might have gone in a different direction?

That’s another purpose for the Karma system. At the end of the game, your final karma score will influence the ending you’ll see. Replaying the game and making different choices will give you one of five possible endings (more might be added later).

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