Attributes (Parameters)

Notice: This section is currently under review. Energy and Psi are still relevant to Ann only, but Jack, Swan and other characters may have different attributes.

Energy and Psi

Energy (ENR)

Energy is a measurement of Anna’s overall "physical" life force. Although Anna is non-corporeal, having no physical form since she’s a ghost, physical objects from the land of the living won’t affect her so won’t have a direct impact on her Energy.

If she’s hurt from another non-corporeal being in the realm of the dead, this will affect her Energy. When her Energy reaches zero, she’ll dissipate into nothingness and it’ll be game over. This won’t affect her Karma, although if it’s above a specific amount her soul can be brought back to continue but this may have a negative impact on her Psi.

Psi (PSI)

Psi is Anna’s overall "mental" energy. Certain actions, such as using skills or interacting with and manifesting in the physical realm will use up Psi. If this falls to zero, then she becomes a "twisted spirit" and will eventually fade into oblivion. There is no recovering from this state.

If her Karma is above a certain amount, however, she can be restored with her Psi intact, but her Karma will be substantially affected.

Restoring Energy and Psi

In certain areas of the game, Anna will be able to enter a meditative state to restore her Energy and Psi. There are no items in the game to directly restore Energy or Psi, but there are items and equipment that will help regenerate them over time.

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