Graphics Credits

These credits are for the artists whose graphics are used in Otherworld and the programs I’ve used to create some of the game’s custom graphics.

Under Reconstruction
This section is being reconstructed after its official migration to RMMV. More will be added as they’re used until completion.
ResourcesTitle GraphicsCompanion Wulf
Main Graphics
  • Character Sets
  • Facesets
Companion Wulf
Various Other Graphics
Mythos Horror Resource Pack
   ¶ This may or may not still be used. At the moment, the graphics are being custom-made.
Pioneer Valley Games

  • Nexus Dark

  • Nexus Red

Companion Wulf
Graphics Editors
IconsIconset #2
   ¶ Some of these may or may not be used in the final version.
Companion Wulf
Icon Archive

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