Jack Urban

Jack Urban - Otherworld

Jack Urban – Otherworld

Age: 24
Birthday: 20 July
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Jack Urban is single! He doesn’t have much luck with women. His last girlfriend dumped him two years ago and he hasn’t quite recovered from it. Life in general has treated him poorly, so he’s become somewhat cynical and misanthropic.

Jack is a Paranormal Investigator – or “Paranormalorist” as he prefers to call himself – who is hired to investigate some missing teenage girls in the quaint village of Biddestone, Wiltshire. The Chief of Police there told him over the phone that his own daughter, Anna, is missing and, since he’s exhausted all resources and found absolutely no trace of her (or the other missing girls), he’s starting to believe that something paranormal is happening.

What starts out as a routine investigation for Jack ends up being something far more sinister and terrifying than he could ever imagine. And in order to find out the answers, he must travel through the Veil and into the Otherworld, a place he thought he was quite knowledgeable on.

He must make a huge sacrifice if he is going to succeed!