Anna Carrera

Anna Carrera - Otherworld

Anna Carrera – Otherworld

Age: 17
Birthday: 10 January
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Anna Carerra is a down-to-earth, straight-A student. She needs to be: Her father is Biddestone’s own Chief of Police and he expects – demands even! – that she excels at her studies. She’s also a non-conformist and likes to rebel against her father sometimes, often dressing and acting promiscuously, but that doesn’t make her "easy".

The day after her birthday, Anna vanished without a trace. The Chief of Police conducted a thorough week-long search for her, but turned up absolutely nothing.And eventually she, along with several other girls who similarly disappeared, was presumed dead. However, after Anna went missing, it appears there have been no further disappearances.

Anna awakens in a strange, otherworldly place. She quickly discovers that she’s incorporeal and is deeply disturbed by this revelation. Is this a figment of her imagination or, worse, insanity? Is she dead and now wandering as a ghost? She has no recollection as to how she came to be here, but she’s determined to find out. And to find a way back to her parents, who must be worried sick!