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Otherworld MV is a paranormal-themed project for RPG Maker MV, based on a series of short stories and novella I wrote.

At the moment, development on this project is inactive in favor of Otherworld SGB. However, once this project is finished, development on Otherworld MV will resume.

On this page are the subsections for the project.


These are the main characters in the game, both playable and non-playable. Much of the information here is subject to change, especially in the beginning, as development progresses and evolves.

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Game Notes

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Game Credits

These are the credits for Otherworld, acknowledging the people and programs contributing towards the project's development. The list isn't complete, but more will be added over time. I haven't linked to anything yet; again, that'll come later.

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These sections list the extra media available for Otherworld, notably videos and the accompanying novella.

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