Character Selection: 3 Characters, 3 Storylines

Otherworld Storyline

Initially Otherworld‘s focus was just on Anna and her sojourn through the Otherworld (hence the game’s name).

After she died, she had the chance to go back to change certain things in her life and determine her final destination: Heaven or Hell, or Purgatory.

Original Plot Redirection

At the beginning of the year, Otherworld started heading in a new direction. This was necessary for the rewrite and expansion of the novella, also consolidating previous Paranormality games. In addition, this also forges the way for potential sequels. The entire Otherworld/Paranormality universe (already prewritten mostly) is huge, after all.

As work has continued on the game (and novella), the demand for expansion has greatly increased, leading to several new ideas. With the introduction of Jack and Swan, originally intended as minor characters, this opened the doors to other possibilities.

It then followed that the archetype for Otherworld would become a trilogy. Each game’s focus would be on each character and their perspectives within the scope of Anna’s ghost-journey. The reasons for them pursuing this would become clearer throughout the games.

Merging Characters, Converging Storylines

With that in mind, and with a lot of forward thinking to make sure no plot holes or inconsistencies occurred, something dawned on me. If there were such sequels, many scenes, maps and graphics would be reused unnecessarily. However, at that point, the main focus was still on Anna’s story.

The decision behind merging and converging characters and their storylines was actually from a post in the RPG Maker MV Forum I belong to.

This not only prevents unnecessary reuse, it also enables easier editing, recycling maps and conserving resources. Thus, when the characters’ main storylines (not including subplots) converge, a better idea about the global picture can result.

Character Selection Plugin

This conveniently brings me to the Character Selection Plugin. Although SoulPour777 has produced an excellent Character Select plugin, it’s too "graphicky" for Otherworld. I decided, therefore, to attempt creating my own.

This has been quite a challenge for me so far, as it’s tested my capabilities and limitations with JavaScript/JGSS. Although I’m proficient in the language, I’m no expert, so it’s still a steep learning curve. Hence, I’ve encountered a number of problems creating and executing the plugin. Nothing insurmountable, just challenging.

Taking a step back and reevaluating where it went awry, I realised what happened: I plunged headlong into creating the plugin, rather than planning it first. It’s one of my faults, I guess.

I thought about an event-based character select system, but that would take more time and would lack the versatility that a plugin offers.

So, with that in mind, work on the character selection plugin will continue. The end result will let players choose whether to play as Anna, Jack or Swan.

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