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Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15 Feedback

There was a lot of strong feedback from the Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo. Thanks to all the playtesters who gave their feedback and offered their suggestions. The general consensuses after playtesting are as follows: An interesting side-effect of copying

Feedback So Far for Otherworld Pre-Alpha Demo v1.15

So far there has been a lot of strong feedback, notably about the Karma System, and it’s given me more food for thought. I’m going to wait until the end of the week before revealing the findings. This will give

Pre-Alpha v1.15 Feature Showcase Demo Release

It’s Time! The Pre-Alpha v1.15 demo release is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Pre-approved playtesters will be able to showcase some of the main features, which are listed below. Otherworld Pre-Alpha v1.15 release on Monday.Feature showcase #BetaTesting for approved pre-testers. #RPGMaker

Accepting Otherworld Playtesting Applications

We are now accepting playtesting applications for pre-release demos. Now accepting Otherworld playtesting applications. #RPGMaker #GameDev #IndieDev #bitstrips — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) July 10, 2015 To see if you qualify, visit the Criteria (even if you don’t