In order to become an official playtester for Otherworld, applicants must meet the following criteria. Since the Land of the Internet is so vast, this screening process is to circumvent trolls and make sure that only serious and experienced playtesters are able provide effective feedback beneficial to the game.

  • Previous Experience – You must have previous experience of game testing. It doesn’t matter if this is open or closed beta commercial games or RPG Maker games. You must be able to find bugs, inconsistencies and incongruities in the game – maybe even "break" it – in order for the game to run smoothly once it’s released.
  • Writing – You must be able to write constructive criticism, focusing on areas that may need tweaking or improvement, gameplay and the system in place. Being able to write clearly and concisely is a bonus, but you don’t have to have a degree in English as long as I can understand what you’re conveying.
  • Objectivity – You must be objective in your approach to playtesting and any critiques. It won’t help development or other players’ experiences if personal biases influence the overall opinion of the game.
  • Open-Mindedness – An open mind is essential when playing Otherworld, as some of the content may conflict with personal beliefs or faiths. I’m not aiming to offend anyone here, just morphing some of my own ideals into the game itself.

Note that even if you don’t match all of the above criteria, you can still apply! I’ll process the applications in the same way. You may not qualify for the early stages of playtesting. You might, however, qualify for the later stages up to Otherworld‘s official release. What is important, especially during the pre-alpha to alpha stages is personal experience. For the pre-beta to beta phases, this will become less important than the other criteria.

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