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Anna Carrera died and found herself, not in Heaven, but somewhere else. She found herself in the Otherworld, a strange in-between place where the world of the living and the realms of the dead merge.

Now, she must relive parts of her life, facing some of her greatest fears, deciding if she could do things differently what things would she change? This will determine whether she moves on to the Afterlife or not. Will she go to Heaven or Hell? Will she be reincarnated? Or will she remain trapped in Limbo for eternity?


The Gladiator Project

The only life that Shamata Cairn knows is fighting in the Arena, but he has no memories of his childhood, his parents or his life before this one. He fights to stay alive and to impress the elite ruling classes. He must; he doesn't have a choice!

But who is the mysterious Imperiator who hides in the shadows? And what is his interest in Shamata? No one knows for certain until, one day, Shamata discovers a dark secret in the labyrinths deep below the Arena - about the Imperiator and himself - that will change his life forever!


Ye Adventures of Tryggr

Tryggr is just an ordinary troll, with nothing special about him. He likes sitting alone in the forest, watching the birds and animals, and listening to the sounds around him. It gives him a sense of peace and intunement with Nature. To him, it's quite normal.

The other trolls pick on him and bully him, thinking he's different and stupid.

One day, Tryggr decides to pack his bags and leave his tribe and his family behind, and go on an adventure to find others like him or to find himself!

More To Follow...

More Projects

More projects will be developed in the future on a number of platforms and they will be announced to the RPG Maker Times Projects & Games main site. Each game will have its own blog for updates and other cool stuff!

Many of the games will also eventually have downloadable or purchasable content, such as free demos (or games), resources/assets, novels, soundracks, and maybe even things like T-Shirts or mousemats. In time, the online store will be developed for any game-related products we decide to make and sell.

Who Are We?

RPG Maker Times Projects & Games (RTPG) is a small but growing company run by Companion Wulf, an independent game developer and RPG Maker enthusiast, with grand aspirations.

Although Companion Wulf is the primary games creator, RTPG also has several other members willing to dedicate their spare time to creating and producing games, including graphics design, map making and scripting.

For now, RTPG is more a hobbyist/enthusiast venture, but in time, we aim to form our own company to sell our games (created with a wide range of engines) commercially.

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